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Mother Language leads & praise life with all livelihood.
Man lives with physical & mental food.
Starvation is not only in the abdomen.
Food & mental food remains in the life domain.
Mother, Motherland is the inspirations of life.
One remains Happy expressing his activities with a hive.
Mother language keeps one’s life traces.
These are one’s love, dreams, fights & fellow feelings faces.
In life or death one is reminded through his/her good work.
So, wherever you live are not a matter, go ahead & scatter Knowledge Park.
Come out within yourself you will get the touch of the Universe.


SHAKESPEARES’ SONNETS–You can buy the Arden text of these sonnets from the Amazon.com online bookstore: Shakespeare’s Sonnets (Arden Shakespeare: Third Series)



Modern Librarians are the Information Administrator.
His duty is to disseminate information as Information Distributor.
He hunts information & gathers these from every corner,
Gathering information he performs his duty with recording it as a Recorder.
Thus manages information to cater it as Information processor.
Well organized information is distributed as a good Disseminator.
So a Librarian is called as Information Retriever.
He is also called as a Knowledge Preserver.
He justifies the need & wanting of information & called as Information measurer.
Thus he does his job by compiling information as a Compiler.
Thus the term Librarian has been changed & newly termed as Bibliometrician.
In other way some are calling him as Librametrician.
In digital era a Librarian is called as a Cybrarian.
And thus we the Librarian have many role to preserve knowledge as Humanitarian.

THE MLAI ( Medical Library Association of India )

Written by—Dr.N.C.Ghatak, Librarian,
Institute of Pharmacy, Kalyani
Nadia, West Bengal—741235
Email- ncghatak30@hotmail.com

We the medical Librarians belong to the MLAI association.
MLAI is like a family formed by the act of Society Registration.
We have the goals fixed by our beloved association.
Professional development for the medical libraries by mutual Cooperation.
To forward the Biomedical Libraries by effective services.
We help the Doctors,Pharmacists & others who serve the patients by Valuable advices.
We apply scientific techniques & the library grows by quality
It helps to provide good biomedical information.
We serve as an institution & exchange professional knowledge &
So we do organise training courses, seminars & conferences.
We publish MLAI Bulletin & News letter for enriching Medical librarianship. There is good understanding to promote national body with entrepreneurship.
For furtherance of the objectives we may take gift or donation. Mr.P.L.Dhongade of Goa Medical College designed the logo of our
Beloved association.
The Logo adorns at the top of our publications.
Messenger”s wand identifies the Physician.
Wings from Hermes, a messenger really, but not the utopian.
Snake coiled staff belongs to Aesculapia, the Greek Physician.
The map of India depicted & New Delhi is the head quarter of the association.
Books surrounded by the map of India means the science of library &


Written By- Dr. N.C.GHATAK, Email- ncghatak30@gmail.com
Dated- 22nd AUGUST, 2014

What do you think friend?
What do you think & look at me?
With feeding, writing & breathing, long day to fill.
I say who am I? Breath & sitting here still?
I am a young boy of ninety, with wings on my feet.
Dreaming now, a lover, he will meet.
I am at thirty, a lover & my heart breath leap.
Remembering, the promise that I should keep.
The Woman who need me to guide & make a Happy Home.
We are bound to each other, with Love that must last.
My wife is beside me & I don’t mourn.
I remember my little son plays rounding me.
He is my loved one, my wife & me.
Dark days are now, my wife has gone.
I behold her & I leap with a happy tone.
My young son, son-in-laws are young of their own.
I think of the passing years & the Love that I owned.
Nature is stern, I am now old.
But the proverb says, “Old is Gold”.
Inside this old body, a young mind still dwells,
Very often my shattered heart swells.
I remember the joys & remember the pain,
I am loving & living with my wife again & again.
I think of the past, all too few & gone too fast.
I do accept the stern fact that nothing can last.
I open my eyes & very often see,
My wife look closer & I say see ME.

My Observation: — Remember this poem when you next meet an older person, whom you may keep side, without looking at the young soul within the man/woman. We will all, one day, be there, too!! So be alert. Life is River, it flows, flows, flows, don’t stop. Share the views with me.

Dr.N.C.GHATAK, 22nd AUGUST, 2014. Emaoil- ncghatak30@gmail.com


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